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Preliminary Planning

Preliminary advice/site investigations

Our team provides preliminary town planning advice and undertakes initial site investigations to identify opportunities and constraints for a client’s development proposal at no cost to the client. Please note that if any assessment of a proposal or site analysis requires more detailed research than initially anticipated, we will inform you immediately of the cost involved.

Preparing, lodging and managing development applications

We prepare, lodge and manage your development application through to the approval stage for a fixed fee. The details involved in this process and the associated fees will be provided in a cost estimate in a timely manner.

If additional work is required after lodgement and prior to approval which is outside the scope of the original cost estimate, we will inform you immediately of the expense involved.

An additional service is the recommendation of the relevant experts who may be required to assist with the application. During the development assessment process we work closely with: architects, landscape architects, surveyors, engineers, ecologists and building certifiers. Please note that the costs associated with these experts will be in addition to our fees.

Council assessment and public notification fees are an additional expense which will be provided in the cost estimate.

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